Fantastic Dimensions is a video weblog which explores the events, the culture, the places, the people of science fiction fandom.  Produced and directed by Marlin May.

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  1. Hey, I spent the weekend video taping at Arisia and, I guess, we didn’t cross paths. Maybe next month at Boskone??

    Richard Amirault, producer SCIENCE FICTION FANDOM

  2. hoss says:

    Hey it’s Hoss from DeadBooks – it’s all live if you’d like to see it.

    “Deadbooks hints at a densely packed mythology that draws on The X-Files and Stephen King,
    with a little David Lynch-style creepiness thrown in for good measure.”

    —Hugh Hart,

    “When SciFi writers drop acid online.”
    — Meredith Woerner,

  3. Hi Marlin! I’ve added a link to to the Web Links page on the site.

  4. BG Zeke says:

    I found a stack of your fliers at Brew’d Awakening in Lowell. Love the show. I do a lowell based gaming podcast (brilliant gameologists) I plan to mention your show onmine. Just thought I would give you a heads up.

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